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Resources for images & graphics:

Royalty Free Music

Free music:

‍‍"Show" background music - under Movement

"Playing in the Sun"
"Funk City"
"Swaying Daisies"

Sasquatch - under Mystery
"Night in the City"
"Bridge of Sighs"
"Hall of Mirrors"
"The Dark Land"
"Doom Cathedral"

Rhinos - Java, Indonesia, Africa - under International
"Eastern Promise"

‍‍General - under Dramatic

"Hunting the Wolf"
"Into Battle"
"The Quest"
"A Legal Matter"

‍‍Another free music site: (difficult to search)

‍‍Search "African"

"Mamadyio Kumina"
"Tiri-ki-rolla - 2007 Remix"

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‍‍Safe Search Engines:

ALA Great Web Site for Kids

Ask Jeeves



Cyber Sleuths